Current Initiatives

Evelyn Street Corridor

The RRA, along with other City departments, elected officials, and private stakeholders is currently working on plans to reconfigure and improve the Evelyn St. Corridor. It is felt that this central section of the City has been historically underutilized and can be greatly enhanced with a focus on improving access, traffic safety, and aesthetics. All of these improvements will create a more desirable area for development leading to economic growth and enhancing the quality of place in downtown Rutland for visitors, resident, and businesses alike.

Rutland Post Office Carrier Annex

The RRA is acting as the City’s representative in ongoing negotiations with the U.S. Postal Service and the State Division for Historical Preservation to remove temporary scaffolding and repair the deteriorating façade of the West Street building.

Welcome to Rutland City Gateway Signs

The RRA has recently taken up the initiative to erect several welcome signs at the main entry points to the City. The idea for these Welcome to Rutland City signs goes back decades and was most recently taken on by Rutland’s Creative Economy group. The RRA has now taken on this project and will be working to find private donations to fund four attractive gateway signs welcoming visitors into the City as they travel along Route’s 7 and 4. With all the positive momentum occurring in Rutland City today this is a timely project and one which will demonstrate the civic pride of some of the City’s service clubs and private businesses.

Downtown Gateway Plan

Following the RRA’s successful grant application the City of Rutland has retained the services of LandWorks (Landscape Architects and Planners) and Resource Systems Group (Traffic Engineers) to develop a Downtown Gateway Plan. Funding for this project was provided by a municipal planning grant through the State of Vermont Agency of Commerce and
Community Development.

The Plan will provide a vision for possible future gateway enhancements related to land use, streetscape, redevelopment sites, traffic, aesthetics and identity. The overall goal is to stimulate economic development of the city while enhancing the functional characteristics, vitality and aesthetic appeal of these corridors to residents and visitors alike.