Northwest Neighborhood & Housing Rehabilitation

Rutland Redevelopment Authority is providing grant administration for a $1,250,000 grant from the Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP) in conjunction with $1,200,000 in other resources to rehabilitate the Northwest Neighborhood and create a neighborhood of choice. Phase I includes the demolition and removal of up to four vacant properties to create public areas, green space or for Habitat for Humanity to build a single-family home. Phase II includes the rehabilitation of up to seven properties to create affordable single-family homes.

Hickory Street Community Center

The Rutland Redevelopment Authority is providing grant administration for a $151,650 grant from the Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP) to construct a community center in conjunction with $7,264,047 in other resources for Phase II of the Forest Park Rehab. Phase I has been completed and close out of this grant will be completed by December 30, 2015. Additional funding is being sought by the Rutland Housing Authority to complete Phase III of the now re-named Hickory Street Apartments.

Streetlights and Sidewalks Project

The RRA received a grant in 2014 for the installation of a pedestrian boulevard on West Street and six historic light fixtures on the north side of Washington Street in downtown Rutland. An RFP for the West Street work is expected to be posted in the fall with work on the north side of Washington Street to begin in 2015. The streetlights and sidewalk project for Madison and the south side of Washington Street has been completed.

Rutland Creek Path

Through grants from the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Segment II of the Rutland Creek Path has been completed and a ribbon cutting was held in July of 2014. The RRA is currently administering $1,185,580 in grant funds for Phases I, II, IV and V of the 10-ft-wide paved path along East and Otter Creeks connecting two parks and the College of St. Joseph. In keeping with the momentum the RRA is assisting the City in applying for additional funding through a new 2014 Bicycle & Pedestrian Program grant program in the amount of $1,203,953.

Bicycle Parking

VTrans introduced another new grant opportunity in 2012 for Bicycle Parking. The RRA applied for these funds to install parking for an additional 54 bicycles. The City received the bike racks and has installed them in two locations. The Recreation Department is currently scheduling the installation of the remaining bike racks in various parks throughout the City.

ADA Sidewalk Improvements

VTrans and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) selected Rutland City as a recipient of its Accessibility Improvements funds at the request of the RRA and DRP. VTrans has repaired approximately 95 linear feet of sidewalk on West Street as well as making the curbs at the intersections Pine and Evelyn Streets (both sides) in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. There is no cost to the City. Work was completed in 2014.

Center Street Marketplace

Through the efforts of the Regional Planning Commission and Creative Economy, the City of Rutland received an earmark from Senator Patrick Leahy in the amount of $973,834 for the rehabilitation of Center Street Alley. Improvements include new pavement, lighting, stormwater upgrades, benches, a fountain and other amenities. A contract with Stantec was signed to conduct the preliminary engineering, design plans and cost estimates. As of June 76% of Stantec’s contract has been invoiced. The RRA is responsible for the grant administration.

Rutland City Master Plan

The Rutland City Planning Commission is responsible for updating the City’s Master Plan; a document that has a five-year shelf life and is necessary in applying for grant funds and Act 250 issues. The City was awarded a VCDP Municipal Planning Grant to help defray the costs of the update. The process began in March of 2013 with a public meeting to give citizens input into the plans for Rutland’s future. The RRA was responsible for the grant’s administration, as well as, assisting the Planning Commission in updating the plan. The Board of Alderman approved the plan on June 16, 2014 and the Regional Planning Commission will review and confirm the plan in September.

Downtown Gateway & Infrastructure Study

The RRA is working with the Downtown Rutland Partnership, Regional Planning Commission and LandWorks to complete a Downtown Gateway Plan. The plan is a highly visual land use and infrastructure planning document designed to analyze current conditions, create graphic representations of specific redevelopment sites and streetscapes, and create a work program to be utilized by the City in future planning and implementation projects. The focus is on three gateway areas to the historic downtown and targeted brownfield properties.

GRANTSStatus Update 9/30/14
FunderProject AwardStatusFunds Received To DatePercent Complete
VT Community Development Program (VCDP)
IG-1-2012-City of Rutland-00017Hickory Street Community Center$151,650
Closed out December 2015$147,000.0097%
MP-2014-Rutland CityDowntown Gateway & Infrastructure Study$20,000In Process$8,000.0015%
MP-2013-Rutland City-00045Master Plan Update$8,000Scheduled for review by RRPC 9/16/14$8,000.00100%
PG-2012-Rutland City-000008Neighborhood Revitalization Study$30,000Preparing community project$20,000.0090%
IG-1-2013-City of Rutland-XXXXXXRutland City Neighborhood & Housing Revitalization$1,250,000Awaiting grant agreement$0.000%
Downtown Transportation Fund DTF
DTF Grant 2012-03Streetlights VI – Madison/Washington$50,000Completed. Final invoices pending$25,000.0050%
DTF Grant 2011-05Wayfinding Phase II$25,000.00Closed Out$20,890.00100%
DTF Grant 2014-03Streetlights/Sidewalks VII – Washington/West$51,000Grant Agreement executed, RFP pending $0.000%
Vermont Agency of Transportation VTrans
TEGC Enhancements 2008-2010Rutland Creek Path Segment 1$674,080
Audit scheduled for 7/31/14$674,080.00100%
TEGC Enhancements 2011-2012Rutland Creek Path Segment 2$246,000Completed. Final invoices pending$202,596.15
2012 Bicycle Pedestrian ProgramRutland Creek Path Segment 4$234,000Engineering/Construction Meadow-River$23,219.4110%
2012 Bicycle Pedestrian ProgramRutland Creek Path Segment 5$31,500Scoping study complete, 6/16 presentation$26,003.138%
STP3000(20)Center St. Marketplace$973,834.00RRPC taken over as project mgr$176,021.0018%
2012 Bicycle Parking GrantBike racks$5,000.00City racks installed, awaiting Rec dept$5,000.0033%
SDWK(11) (TH 2)ADA West Street$12,705Completed$12,705.000%
2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian ProgramRutland Creek Path Segment 5 Eng./Constr.$1,203,95Application due 6/27/14 $0.000%
LOANSStatus Update 6/30/14
BorrowerProjectAmountStatusBalance DueDue Date
Maples 1, LPMaples Sr. Living Facility/RLF$504,000Repayment;net cash flows above 1.15DCR$479,6732018
Rutland Community Housing I LPForest Park Rehab$750,000No interest, deferred 30 years$750,0002040
Tuttle Block Housing LPTuttle Block Rehab$600,000No interest, deferred 30 years$600,0002034
Housing Trust of Rutland County22 Royce Street/Spring Lake Ranch$250,900Depreciation over 27 years$130,0972026
Housing Trust of Rutland County194-196 Columbian Ave Rehab$280,200No interest, deferred 25 years$280,2002025
Hickory Street Housing LPHickory Street Community Center$147,000No interest, deferred 30 years$147,0002043