Licensing/Permitting Efficiency Project RFP Questions and Answers

What are the major challenges with the current system?

Current system is paper based with limited payment options and multiple in-person contacts required.

Roughly, what is the total number of licenses/permits that would need application forms?

Approximately 15 unique applications.

For payment integration, does the City have an existing merchant account that they would want to use? Or are they planning to setup a new merchant account / payment service for this project?

Some City departments can currently accept payment via

With funding through SBA, is this a small business set-aside opportunity?


The RFP does not specify an amount of hours budgeted for implementation. Are vendors expected to bid based on required hours or will an estimate of the project budget be provided?

Vendors are expected to bid based on required hours.

For permitting are you looking at solution that provides integrated Electronic Plan Review capabilities for future use?

Yes, if Electronic Plan Review capabilities could be cost-effectively obtained.

Do you currently have or do you envision the need for an integrated mobile inspections application that would work with the permitting solution for downstream inspections? (iOS & Android smartphones and tablets) but can be enabled at a later time?

Do not currently have this capability. Could be interested if cost effective.

Would you like features to define and maintain your own application forms (add data fields, validators etc.) for Licenses and Permits without coding?


Do you want to be able to define prerequisites during the application processand validate them against your current licensing and permitting application requirements? Ex. Zoning permit required.


Do you wish your applicants to upload supporting documents such as copy of driver’s license etc., during the application process?


Do you wish to issue Certificates of Occupancy and / or other Certificates using this software at the end of your permitting process?

Yes, could be interested if cost effective.

Are you looking at features that allow you to define and maintain your own business processes or workflows?


Is there a preferred payment gateway? Are you willing to work with other payment gateways?

Some City departments currently use Willing to look at other options.

Can you tell us more about the integration requirements for permit and license payment receipts with your FIS system? Do you like that to be synchronous, batched or manual?

Unclear on question.

Would you like data migrated from current systems? If so what are the current permitting and licensing systems being used?

If possible please let us know the database being used SQL Server, Oracle, Access, XL spreadsheets etc? Migration if possible is optimal. Most data is currently stored on Microsoft excel spreadsheets.

Our understanding is that this is a portal for permitting and licensing that would work with your current website and that this RFP does not propose changes to the current website other than the changes that impact the License and Permitting application workflow processes. Is that correct?


From SOW: “Vendor would design a web based portal system“. Are you open to commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) solutions that will be able to deliver the requirements in the statement of work or does it have to be custom software as the funding is by the SBA?

Yes open to all options and solutions.

What is your hosting preference – cloud based portal vs an on premise portal?

No current preference.