Why Rutland?

A strategic location, an educated and reliable workforce, robust infrastructure, a business friendly environment, and a renowned quality of life are all reasons a business should choose Rutland City when considering a business start-up, expansion, or relocation.

Strategic Location

Rutland is located in the Center of Vermont and within easy reach of the major population centers of the eastern U.S. and Canada.  Whatever form of transportation you choose Rutland is connected.

Planes: The Rutland Central Vermont Regional Airport provides convenient access to regional and worldwide air travel through daily commuter connections to Boston’s Logan Airport.  As well, two international airports, offering an abundance of direct flights, are located within a two hours drive.

Trains: As the historic rail hub of the region the City boasts significant rail transportation infrastructure.  The convenient Rutland rail yard serves to accommodate local commercial purposes.  The downtown Amtrack station serves leisure and business rail travel with daily connections to Albany, New York City, and Montreal.

Automobiles: Rutland is strategically located at the crossroads of Routes 4 and 7.  Historically a transportation hub for the region, a Rutland location offers convenient access to Interstates 89, 91, and 87, putting the major population centers of the east coast within a days drive.


Vermont’s education attainment levels and its skilled and productive workforce are quantifiable strengths and these assets are no less prevalent in the Rutland region.

The strong K-12 education system within the City, as well as the higher education opportunities within the region combine to provide Rutland employers with a well-educated, skilled, and loyal workforce.

Employers seeking specific skill sets can rely on our local technical training resources such as the Stafford Technical Center and their affiliates as well as workforce training programs and incentives offered through State programs.  These programs offer both flexibility and cost saving and can be designed to meet the specific needs of an employer.


Due to its urban character it is likely that much of Rutland’s future investment will focus on infill and redevelopment opportunities.  The City currently offers several redevelopment opportunities and if required can access significant local brownfield resources available through our regional planning commission.

If a new build scenario is optimal there are numerous possibilities available within the City’s industrial zoned areas.  Green field development within the City is exempt, due to the existing land use plan, from State Act 250 permit requirements for projects affecting less than 10 acres of land. This can offer significant savings in time and expense to a prospective developer.

The City’s robust water and wastewater resources are another important asset.  This existing capacity, available throughout the City, is not often obtainable without significant development expense.

Rutland is also well equipped with redundant capacity fiber for fast and reliable internet and telecommunications connectivity.

Business Friendly Environment

Rutland City’s goal is to be known for its business friendly environment.  Both the Administration and Board of Aldermen have committed to providing City employers with a stable pro-business environment in which to grow.  To this end a business can expect strong support and ready assistance from all City entities.

One recent effort to incentivize new investment within the City is a formal policy for property tax stabilization.  This recently adopted policy will stabilize a qualifying businesses’ real and personal property tax for a set number of years in return for new financial investment and job creation.

The City has also established several grant and loan programs to help encourage business growth and profitability and make Rutland an attractive business location.  And the RRA is here to offer free and confidential assistance related to site selection, financing, job creation incentives, workforce training, and all other factors related to an investment decision.

Quality of Life

The more intangible selling points associated with Rutland’s quality of life have been well documented.

The four season recreational opportunities and natural beauty combined with the urban amenities and cultural assets are unique and unrivaled for a City of its size.