City Economic Development Resources & Incentives

Business Incentive and Assistance Program

The Business Incentive and Assistance Program (BIAP) was established to provide financial incentives and support to small businesses investing and creating new jobs in Rutland City. The program provides an innovative mix of potential loans, grants and other assistance designed to help lower up-front costs and incentivize investment and growth.
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Property Tax Stabilization

The City has established a policy to stabilize a qualifying businesses municipal tax liability for Industrial and Commercial property and to incentivize improvements of Vacant/Blighted property.
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Water and Wastewater Rate Reduction Incentive

The City has established a policy to allow a qualifying business to reduce their initial costs of entering into the Rutland City system as well as lowering their water and wastewater usage rate.
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Maples Revolving Loan Fund

The City has established a policy through the Maples Revolving Loan Fund to provide funding, in the form of a loan, for community development activities benefiting the City of Rutland.
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Zamias Fund

This discretionary fund was established for citywide redevelopment initiatives.

RRA Funding

$30,000 has been encumbered to help seed a blighted property remediation initiative.

Downtown Rutland Partnership (DRP)

The Partnership strives to provide an exciting Downtown Rutland experience for businesses, organizations, and the people in our community. (

  1. Downtown Revolving Loan Fund – Loans made to qualifying businesses, $30,000 max.
  2. Downtown Rutland Micro Business Grants – Qualifying businesses can apply annually, $5,000 max.
  3. Open for Business Fund – $100,000 has been allocated. $10,000 for parking deck, $30,000 for downtown business façade improvements, $60,000 for targeted business recruitment.

Rutland Small Business Resource Guide

This guide contains vital information for a small business in Rutland.
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