Current Initiatives

2022 Center Street Scoping Study

In 2020, the City of Rutland planned and implemented the Center Street Pilot Study. The approach was based on goals and strategies to improve the quality and sense of place from the 2020 Rutland Downtown Strategic Plan. The Pilot tested a reconfiguration that included narrower travel lanes, bike sharrows, restaurant dining parklets, and enhanced cross-walks. The temporary demonstration was a success and received positive feedback from the community through a public survey.

In April, 2021 the City engaged consulting firm, Dubois & King, Inc., to facilitate a Scoping Study of the area.  The purpose of the scoping study was to outline a permanent redesign by identifying potential issues and engineering requirements, gather more public feedback, study impacts to traffic, parking, and businesses, and develop a plan for implementation. The study would also identify the best traffic configuration (two-way, one-way, closed, or hybrid), provide an analysis of impacts to Downtown, and identify a publicly supported final design and that design’s associated non-engineering plan of the streetscape.  Finally, the study would create an implementation schedule and cost estimate to assist with capital planning and grant funding opportunities.

The Scoping Study report below, completed in August, 2022, is the outcome of this work.

View the Center Street Scoping Study

The study process included an extensive planning, community engagement, and design process building towards a vibrant, and successful Center Street in the heart of Downtown Rutland. This project was made possible with funding through the VTrans Municipal Assistance Bureau, with support from the Rutland Redevelopment Authority, City of Rutland and the Rutland Regional Planning Commission.

Through a robust public engagement process, and the development of unique design concepts for a renovated future street, this study explores how pedestrian-centric designs could better support Center Street and Downtown Rutland at large by creating a destination street that creates a wonderful place to be, rather than just a street to pass through. The end result of this study is a preferred design of a one way, curbless street which accommodates low speed traffic and deliveries while creating an accessible, pedestrian first environment that can easily be closed off to vehicles during special events and performances.

2020 Downtown Strategic Plan

The RRA, in collaboration with the Downtown Rutland Partnership, commissioned a Downtown Strategic Plan to update a previous version in the fall of 2019. The vendor chosen, Camoin 310, completed a comprehensive analysis including several public workshops and stakeholder interviews over the next several months. The planning process culminated with a final presentation to the community on June 23, 2020 with a review of the findings and an introduction of the plan’s goals and strategies and implementation steps. The final Downtown Strategic Plan document can be viewed here.

This document was partially funded with grants awarded by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and National Life Group Foundation.

Evelyn Street Corridor

The RRA, along with other City departments, elected officials, and private stakeholders is currently working on plans to reconfigure and improve the Evelyn St. Corridor. It is felt that this central section of the City has been historically underutilized and can be greatly enhanced with a focus on improving access, traffic safety, and aesthetics. All of these improvements will create a more desirable area for development leading to economic growth and enhancing the quality of place in downtown Rutland for visitors, resident, and businesses alike.

Gateway Improvement Initiative

Following the RRA’s successful grant application the City of Rutland has retained the services of LandWorks (Landscape Architects and Planners) and Resource Systems Group (Traffic Engineers) to develop a Downtown Gateway Plan. Funding for this project was provided by a municipal planning grant through the State of Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

The Plan will provide a vision for possible future gateway enhancements related to land use, streetscape, redevelopment sites, traffic, aesthetics and identity. The overall goal is to stimulate economic development of the city while enhancing the functional characteristics, vitality and aesthetic appeal of these corridors to residents and visitors alike.


Center Street Marketplace

The Center Street Marketplace, a long awaited redevelopment project in the heart of Rutland’s downtown, is currently under construction. The project is expected to be substantially completed in November 2017 and will be a vibrant public space allowing passive recreation and commercial opportunities.

End of Year Report