Solar Array Sites

Green Mountain Power, as part of their Energy Innovation Center initiative, has stated its goal of making Rutland City the biggest per-capital solar producer in the Northeast.

Towards this end Rutland City is working in collaboration with GMP and private developers to identify potential locations within the City with the capacity to serve as locations for future solar development.  It is anticipated that future renewable energy infrastructure investment will spur accompanying job creation in fields such as monitoring, research and development, and production.

City Owned Land

Size in AcresZoning
Poor Farm
Owner: Rutland City
Land - Rutland City Property
201 Woodstock Ave
Rutland Landfill
Owner: Rutland City
Land - Rutland City Property
0 Woodstock Ave
Rutland City Water Treatment Facility
Owner: Rutland City
Building and Land - Rutland City Property
1139 Post Rd. Extention
156.64N/A - Town
Former US Army Reserve Building
Owner: Rutland City
Building and Land - Future Rutland City Property
16 North Street Extension
5.5Single Family Residential
Whites Playground
Owner: Rutland City
City Park - Building and Land
21 Avenue B
Spruce Street Extension Corridor
Owner: Rutland City
Land - Rutland City Property
0 Spruce St.
Rotary Field
Owner: Rutland City
City Park, Athletic Fields, and open land
17 North St.
Giorgetti Arena/Pine Hill Park
Owner: Rutland City
Building and Land - Rutland City Property
0 Oak St.

Privately Owned Land

Cleveland Avenue
Owner: GMP
Land - GMP Property
11 Cleveland Avenue
Tenneybrook Court, LLC
Owner: Tenneybrook Court, LLC
Open Land
232 N. Main St
37Single Family Residential
Abatiell Foundation
Owner: Abatiell Foundations
Open Land
0 Hillside Rd
4.3GB - WA
Comprehensive Health Resources
Owner: CHR
Open Land
0 Stratton Rd
62.5Planned Office Park
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Owner: RRMC
Open Land
160 Allen St
63.95Planned Office Park
Charter Hills Inc.
Owner: Attn: Judy Barron, Attorney
Open Land
0 Charter Hills
52Single Family Residential
Forest St - Flood plain
Owner: Jesse Billings
Open Land
0 Forest St
46Single Family Residential
Park St - Flood plain
Owner: Mark Foley Sr/David & Joseph Baker
Open Land
0 Park St
23Single Family Residential

City Owned Rooftop

Rutland City Schools
Owner: Rutland City
Giorgetti Arena
Owner: Rutland City
2 Oak St

Privately Owned Rooftop

Rutland Downtown Plaza
Owner: Brixmor
101 Merchants Row
?Downtown Business
Mandigo Arena
Owner: Rutland County Ag Society/RAHA lease
175 S. Main St.
?Mixed Residential 1
Downtown Buildings
Owner: Various owners
Merchants Row, West Street, Center Street
?Downtown Business