City Owned Properties for Sale

The City of Rutland takes title to a number of properties throughout the year, generally through tax sale.

The City has established an application process to facilitate the purchase and redevelopment of properties.

Applications are reviewed to determine the best match with the City’s goals, including:

  • Plan for rehabilitation of the property in accordance with City goals
  • Financial capacity of potential purchaser(s) to complete the planned work
  • Potential purchaser’s standing with the City with respect to taxes and other fees, current and past violations, and previous tax sales or foreclosures

Completed applications should be submitted to:

The City of Rutland's Clerk Office
c/o Sara Magro, Purchasing Agent
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 969, Rutland, VT 05702
Physical Address: 52 Washington St., Rutland VT 05701

Andrew Strniste
(802) 774-7833

Available Properties

Forest Street

Gay Street

Rutland City has a Blighted Properties Initiative that can incentivize purchases, depending on the property.

More information can be found under the Revitalization Work tab - Blighted Properties Initiative - or by calling 775-2910.