Water and Wastewater Rate Reduction Incentive

Rutland City is currently in the advantageous position of having significant capacity in its water and wastewater infrastructure and facilities. It is believed that this competitive advantage can be leveraged to help bring new jobs and investment to the City and the region. A new policy has recently been developed which will allow a qualifying business to reduce their initial costs of entering into the Rutland City system as well as lowering their water and wastewater usage rate for a predetermined period of time. It is believed that this policy can be employed to incentivize new use, job creation, and investment without incurring significant new costs to the City.

The business incentive will be available to non-residential users located within the City of Rutland who are making tangible financial investment in a facility, creating new jobs within the City, and whose business operations will require utilizing a minimum of 1,000 Gallons per Day (GPD) in new or expanded water usage. It will also be available to businesses located outside the City of Rutland who are utilizing water and/or wastewater services through the City’s infrastructure. In the case of a business located outside the City eligibility will be limited to non-residential users working in industrial activity or in commercial activity determined to produce long term economic benefit and new good paying jobs in the region.

For more information on the policy or to download an application please see the links below.

Water and Wastewater Rate Reduction Incentive Policy

Water and Wastewater Rate Reduction Incentive Application