Housing Needs Assessment

In September, 2012 the RRA, working with the private consulting firm I Squared Community Development Consulting, Inc. , completed a comprehensive housing needs assessment for the City.  Funding for the project was provided by a municipal planning grant awarded by the Vermont Department of Economic, Housing, and Community Development.

Rutland’s ability to address issues surrounding affordable housing and homeownership is a key component in planning for the City’s future. The updated housing needs assessment addresses topics such as homeownership, rental housing, housing for the elderly, special needs housing, as well as current and future economic and demographic trends and provides a benchmark of the City’s current housing environment.

The City has also identified the issue of vacant and blighted properties as a major concern.  Initial strategies developed during the assessment  are viewed as critical in determining the most effective means of repurposing vacant properties in a manner which will best serve the current and future needs of the City.  The assessment’s recommendations have led to a section in the City’s Northwest neighborhood being targeted for initial focus.

It is believed that future revitalization and rehabilitation efforts will foster stronger neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for Rutland residents.  The RRA, in collaboration with applicable City departments and local housing entity’s, will move forward with these implementation initiatives.

Click here to download: Rutland, VT Housing and Market Study Needs Assessment

Click here to download: Housing Study Maps

Click here to download: Rutland Housing Study Presentation